Powerflute is one of only three producers of premium grade semi-chemical fluting used in the manufacture of corrugated board for demanding packaging applications or use in harsh environmental conditions.

Products Nordic semi-chemical fluting
Capacity 280,000 tonnes per annum
Revenues FY2015: €144.1m (FY2014: €134.4m)

FY2015: €144.1m
(FY2014: €134.4m)

FY2015: €29.3m
(FY2014: €18.7m)

Powerflute was acquired by the Group in 2005 and operates a paper mill in the town of Kuopio in Central Finland producing up to 280,000 tonnes per annum of a specialised form of semi-chemical fluting made exclusively from birch.

Corrugated boxes manufactured using PowerfluteTM demonstrate exceptional strength and moisture resistance making them suitable for use in demanding packaging applications and harsh environmental conditions.

PowerfluteTM is used extensively for long-distance transportation of fruit and vegetables in refrigerated containers and for the packaging of high-value industrial goods such as electrical appliances, automotive components and bulk dry chemicals.

The Kuopio mill is one of only three producers in the world of the highest quality “Nordic” semi-chemical fluting, relying exclusively on birch sourced within Finland or elsewhere in the Nordic region. Its products are exported around the world.

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