Harvestia is a wood supply company, organizing the procurement, harvesting and delivery of wood and other forest products to users in the paper, sawmill, energy and biofuel sectors

Products Wood and forest products
Capacity 3.5 million cubic metres per annum
Revenues FY2015: €165.6m (FY2014: €198.5m)

FY2015: €165.6m
(FY2014: €198.5m)

Not disclosed

Harvestia was originally established by the Group and Myllykoski Corporation in 2008 to meet their own wood procurement requirements. Since then it has developed into a much larger business with a broader range of activities and is currently a joint venture between the Group and Vapo Oy, with each partner holding 47.5% of the shares, with the remainder of the shares held by management.

Vapo is a joint venture between the Finnish State (which holds 50.1%) and Suomen Energiavarat Oy and is the leading supplier of bioenergy and fuels from renewable sources in Finland and the Baltic region and is one of Europe’s largest sawmill industry companies.

Harvestia takes full responsibility for all aspects of the wood supply chain, including negotiating procurement with forest owners, harvesting and replanting of forest land, storing and management of harvested wood inventories and delivery logistics. In addition to supplying its industrial partners, Harvestia has a growing business supplying wood to independent sawmills and biomass to energy and biofuel companies.

For more information visit www.harvestia.fi