Corenso is a leading international manufacturer of high performance coreboard and cores, with coreboard mills in the United States and Europe and a network of core producing facilities in Europe, North America and China.

Products Coreboard and high-performance cores
Capacity 300,000 tonnes of coreboard
230,000 tonnes of cores
Revenues FY2015: €213.2m (FY2014: €196.0m)

FY2015: €213.2m
(FY2014: €196.0m)

FY2015: €26.3m
(FY2014: €25.2m)

Corenso is one of the world’s leading integrated producers of high-quality coreboard and high performance cores, operating three coreboard mills with total capacity in excess of 300,000 tonnes per annum, 12 wholly-owned core plants with total capacity of 230,000 tonnes and four affiliated core plants capacity about 35 000 mt.

Corenso has coreboard production facilities in Finland, France and North America and a network of core plants in strategic locations in China, North America and throughout the UK, Continental Europe and the Nordic regions.

Cores and coreboard are manufactured from recycled paper and are used for applications in paper, packaging, textiles, steel, aluminium and many other industries. Coreboard and cores produced by Corenso demonstrate superior strength and rigidity and are suitable for use in the most demanding applications.

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