Powerflute has invested in a number of specialty paper and packaging businesses with leading position in their markets, selling and distributing products on a worldwide basis.


Corenso is a leading international manufacturer of high performance coreboard and cores, with coreboard mills in the United States and Europe and a network of core producing facilities in Europe, North America and China.

Products Coreboard and high-performance cores
Capacity 300,000 tonnes of coreboard
230,000 tonnes of cores
Revenues FY2015: €213.2m (FY2014: €196.0m)


Powerflute is one of only three producers of premium grade semi-chemical fluting used in the manufacture of corrugated board for demanding packaging applications or use in harsh environmental conditions.

Products Nordic semi-chemical fluting
Capacity 280,000 tonnes per annum
Revenues FY2015: €144.1m (FY2014: €134.4m)


Harvestia is a wood supply company, organizing the procurement, harvesting and delivery of wood and other forest products to users in the paper, sawmill, energy and biofuel sectors

Products Wood and forest products
Capacity 3.5 million cubic metres per annum
Revenues FY2015: €165.6m (FY2014: €198.5m)